Shelter for the Homeless, installation, 2004

Materials: paintings, steel, paper boxes, sleeping mattress, kitchen goods, clothes, food, canvases

Dimensions: 280 x 220 x 250 cm

The work was the main work for my Masters Degree at the University. It was the result of my five years of studying about form, structures, techniques and all other aspects of painting and painting workshop. I was aware that I developed a characteristic painting style inspired by my fascination with realistic forms. I became afraid of the “loving your own aesthetic style” trap. To deal with my concern, I used my paintings as building material for the walls of the shelter for the homeless. This was a meaningful process to me and a stage to gain independence as an artist, who can detach himself from his work and put it in an auto-ironic context. (Students at a conservative Institute of Art in Lublin are required to present their works as a classic painting cycle. My work didn’t comply with this requirement.)