Last Supper, 3 dimensional paintings, 2009

Materials: bread, yoghurt, meat ball, stretched canvas, oil paint

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 24 cm (one cube)

On the plane journey from Poland to Australia, I smuggled food in three closed cubes built from stretched canvas, which I hid in my luggage. The food, which I had for the last supper with my family in Poland before flying to Australia, was preserved with an oil paint, painted on the surface of the food. Then the painted food was enclosed in cubes while the paint was still wet. The cubes were subjected to the movement of the airplanes and conveyor belts. Therefore, the painted food inside the cubes was moved and in the same time painted the canvas without my intervention. We can see oil stains on the outside marked by the painted food inside as the cubes remain closed.