Ciecierzyn-Uluru, performance, 2003

Materials: my painted body, sand, instruments

7 of June 2003. One day before the national referendum about Poland joining the European Union. There is a big media hype and national craze in Poland. Slogans such as “Poland-Europe” are everywhere – on billboards, TV, in the press. I have never seen so much money invested in the advertising of something that has been obvious for centuries. Isn’t Poland in the very center of Europe?

My reaction to this media hype was to create an abstract and absurd union that didn’t depend on the strategic location of particular countries but on human beings and their respective cultures. With my entire body painted in abstract tribal patterns, I was singing slogans about Ciecierzyn-Uluru union. Ciecierzyn is the name of the village where I was born and Uluru is the holy ground of the Aboriginal people in Australia.